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Next con: AnimeShow 2020 (right after: AnimeFest 2020)


Hi ! Hello ! Ahoj ! Konnichiwa !
This page is here for you to see my cosplays. I do cosplays only of my favourite, or somewhat cool characters from my favourite franchises, such as DC comics, or Animes, or whatever I feel like I wanna do.
Mostly I try to use materials that are very genuine, such as leather, aluminum plates, real stuff. But that makes it really, really expensive as a hobby.
I am not paid to do this and I do not rely on anyone else. But if you want to help me out, there's a ko-fi link lower at this page, where you can boost my coffeine levels!

If you ever meet me at a con, you're very welcome to come and say Hi. I might look like a scary mad man, murderer, but I really am not. I just have a resting-bitch-face "syndrome" (and I like being a creepy weirdo).

Thank you and enjoy your visit! (btw - I am from a Czech republic, just so you know) Niklák Cosplay @ IG Niklák @ Ko-fi Riddles! @ FB

Photos & donations

All cosplay photos displayed (on instagram) are available to ko-fi donators in Full-HD (1920x1080 px) ... So - if you wish to get any, add a private message with your e-mail address to your donation, OR let me know on my e-mail that you did that.
Because if you give me a coffee (or more, you are very welcome to do just that), you are more than eligible, to have a quality pictures. And that's a great price!

Costumes - done

Edward Nigma - Riddler

This bad-boy was a costly thing ... But I had to do this, I love the character. For you, who have no idea who he is, be ashamed! Riddler is a DC villain. A genius! Mastermind that loves riddles.
My approach to this project was simply "modern". I liked the cubic styling, the mystery of somewhat modern Riddler. I was inspired by all the other designs, including the first ones! The finished result was at first with blackened eyes and white lenses. That I didn't like much. So at ComicsSalon 2019, I bought and used black lenses. This look was way more satisfying. And even more without the blackening. At first I made even the hat, but ... I can not wear hats. It's just awful. So, this one is forbidden now.

Key part --> the staff. It has integrated Li-ion battery, hidden switch. That means - it shines, baby! - designed by me, inspired by Riddlers.

And I also have a lot of custom riddles. You can see these at the link to facebook upper at this page.

(Photo by TomVician, strictly edited by me.)

Costumes - planned

Iwatani Naofumi - The Shield Hero

This character is one of my most favourite anime characters ever (Tate no Yūsha no Nariagari // The Rising of the Shield Hero). So basically ... My plan is - use leather, stitch together with fabrics, give it a nice look, use aluminum sheets, shape them as needed, glue, stitch, do whatever. Taddaaaah, done. But I need all the materials first ... You can help with that on ko-fi (button higher on this page). This is a costly project as well ...

Key part --> the shield. Oh man, my plans are incredible. No spoilers tho, sorry. But it will be lovely.
Deadline --> AnimeFest 2020 (Raphtalia cosplayers are welcome to kidnap me hostage at the con)

Credit to fellow cosplayers, friends

Franchy Glacea Stepuska